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About BEAN

As a family-run organization with a far-reaching and important mission, there are a few other things that you should know about Green BEAN Delivery.

We’re a family of companies that builds sustainable food systems

Green BEAN Delivery is a dynamic food company that takes a multi-faceted approach to building local food systems. Our goal is to make healthy and sustainably-grown local food affordable, accessible, and convenient to the Midwest communities we serve. We serve our mission by building food systems and businesses that address our communities’ greatest food challenges. The BEAN family of companies:

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Our name stands for Biodynamic • Education • Agriculture • Nutrition

These pillars represent Green BEAN Delivery’s focal points in building systems that address our community’s greatest food challenges.

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Biodynamics focus on the interwoven relationships of soil, plants, animals and people. Our goal is to create a self-sustaining food ecosystem that maximizes the benefit to the community.

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We teach our network of farmers and artisans how to reach their market potential while keeping their products as natural as possible. We also offer expert food and nutrition content to our serviced communities.

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The production of food is at the very heart of what we do. We don’t just distribute it to our members, we grow it on two certified organic farms: Feel Good Farm (Sheridan, IN) and EcOhio Farm (Mason, OH).

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We aim to restore the importance of healthy, nutritious food to our society as a whole by creating ways to affordably and conveniently grow and distribute food.

We own and operate two organic farms

Don’t forget that food comes from a farm! Our certified organic farming operations grow a variety of organic produce for our Green BEAN Delivery members. At the top of our priorities is the stewardship of our top soil and overall health of our farm. Our belief is that proper nutrition starts on the farm. We grow food that is nutrient-dense, fresh, and makes you FEEL GOOD!

The Feel Good Farm

Feel Good Farm

Our 60-acre certified organic farm (Sheridan, IN)

EcOhio Farm Squash Harvest

EcOhio Farm

Our 60-acre certified organic farm (Mason, OH)

We give back to the communities we serve.

Green BEAN Delivery is proud to be plugged into each community it serves. Local is woven into our DNA as a company, and we strive to make a difference in the community as a whole by partnering with people and organizations that align with our values and goals. Together, we make powerful teams that accomplish tremendous amounts of good for everyone.


At the heart of our food business are the farmers and artisans in and around each city that make up the local food community. We search for vendors with unique and quality products who align with our food philosophy. This type of cooperative relationship is mutually beneficial and serves to strengthen the local food economy.

Meet our farmer and artisan partners →


Green BEAN Delivery believes in supporting the communities that support us. We partner with anti-hunger organizations to increase the flow of fruits, vegetables, and grocery items into emergency food assistance programs. Whether it’s through our zero-waste produce donations to anti-hunger organizations, our Constant Canned Food Drive, or partnerships with local NPR stations; we actively seek to make sustainably grown, healthy food more readily available in the communities we serve.

More about our Community Outreach →

EcOhio Farm (Cincinnati, OH)

The EcOhio Farm is an ongoing partnership between Green BEAN Delivery and the Cincinnati Zoo. Established in 2012, the farm is located in Mason, Ohio and spans 60 acres. The farmland hosts a wetland preserve and natural habitat for a variety of species. Local produce harvested on the EcOhio Farm services Green BEAN Delivery Ohio members, local food banks, as well as the animals at the Cincinnati Zoo.

More about EcOhio Farm →

Green BEAN Office

Our mission with Green BEAN Office is to make fresh produce and clean snacks available in the workplace to encourage healthier eating habits among employees. Membership is free and every order is backed by our 100% satisfaction guaranteed on all of the products you receive. Increase your workplace wellness by making the healthy foods that fuel you through the day accessible to all of your coworkers. Ask us how your company can setup an employee discount with Green BEAN Delivery to encourage healthy eating at home.

More about Green BEAN Office →

Our Founders

Matt Ewer and Beth Blessing, husband and wife, share equal passions for healthy community, nutrition education, sustainable farming, and food networks.


Matt Ewer has made a career out of connecting rural farming with urban communities. Every day, he devotedly works to mend a broken food system. More about Matt Ewer →


Beth Blessing fervently believes that eating farm-fresh foods—as close to the source as possible—is the healthiest (& most delicious) way to eat. More about Beth Blessing 

The BEAN Team

We're proud to have a talented and passionate crew working hard to bring members the best service possible. Interested in joining our team? View Open Positions.

John Freeland

Vice President

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Dir. Operations

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Dir. Design & Development

Steve Spencer

Farm Manager

The BEAN Team

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