Office Delivery Careers FAQ

Beth Blessing

Beth is an organic mama and co-founder of Green BEAN Delivery.

As an accomplished nutritionist, speaker, and curriculum writer, Elizabeth Blessing fervently believes that eating farm-fresh foods—as close to the source as possible—is the healthiest way to eat. As a budding Noblesville, Indiana native, Blessing became fascinated by nutrition. After becoming a vegetarian in her early teens, she grew very tired and felt unhealthy. Her neighbor—who happened to be a certified dietician—quickly realized she was deficient in iron and suggested supplements and dietary changes. That experience was game-changing. She went on to attend Indiana University and received a B.S. in Applied Health Dietetics followed by a M.S. in Nutrition from Seattle’s Bastyr University,  a regionally accredited, globally respected institution of natural health arts and sciences. While in Seattle, Blessing supervised a university organic vegetable and herb garden and also co-published a Washington State University web-based curriculum, allowing students the opportunity to grow, harvest, and prepare foods while learning about nutrition and wellness. Currently, Blessing contributes nutritious recipes cooking tips, along with guidance how to live a healthier life for our Healthy Times Blog. Blessing also sits on the Green BEAN Delivery procurement committee, actively weighing in on product offerings to ensure the products abide by our strict guidelines.

Get to Know Beth

Favorite breakfast to cook on a Saturday morning?

Almond and buckwheat flour pancakes with eggs and bacon.

What is your signature dish?

I have two: sauteed kale and beef stew.

What are you passionate about?

Nutrition, organic food and farming, and healthy living.

Give us a fun fact about yourself…

I’m left-handed and left-handed people are awesome!

What is your go-to meal during the week that you love to cook/eat, and why?

Meat and vegetables in a crock-pot. It is easy and healthy. Win-win!

What is your favorite part about your job?

Reading and researching about nutrition. I truly enjoy learning.

What’s your favorite harvest from our farms, and why?

Kale, blueberries, delicata squash. Because they are delicious, healthy, and beautiful in color.

Who’s one person you’d love to share a meal with?

Deborah Madison

Describe your humble Green BEAN Delivery beginnings…

Me, Matt, and the lint in our pockets.

What is a food business you admire, and why?

A local farmer/business: Seven Sons. They have a great story of what inspired them to change their business for the good. They produce high quality product that is healthy for the animal, the environment, and people; and they are some of the nicest people I know.