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Your order consists of your customizable subscription bin + added groceries.

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Green BEAN Delivery Bins

Customizable Bin

Choose a "bin" to subscribe to. Your bin type determines what we pre-fill your order with, which you can then adjust to your liking. Each week we create new pre-fills with best seasonal produce values. Different bins also may have different requirements for free delivery.

Online Grocery Shopping

Added Groceries

Add optional groceries to your order. Choose from 1000+ local and natural products in our store. Specify optional "recurring items" you'd like on every order. Everything is delivered free provided you reach your specific bin's minimum order!

Membership Options

We've recently simplified our bin options to make it easier than ever to use the service.

The U-Pick  New!

Prefilled with $20 of fruit & vegetables

Free Delivery w/ $50 order ($4.99 delivery for orders $20.00-$49.99). No Produce Minimum!

The Classic

Prefilled with $35 of fruit & vegetables

Free Delivery w/ $35 order ($35 of which must be produce)
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Each week, our food purchasing team works with organic and sustainable farmers to secure a diverse selection of fruits and vegetables. Factoring in quality, location and value, the team creates produce bundles—also known as subscription bins. The produce acts as the foundation to our members' grocery delivery service.

Meat & Fish

  • Grass-fed beef & bison
  • Pasture-raised poultry & pork
  • Wild-caught fish

Dairy & Eggs

  • Grass-fed, low pasteurized milk
  • Cage-free, local eggs
  • Locally-produced cheese


  • Local freshly-baked breads
  • Delicious snacks & desserts
  • Gluten-free options


  • 1000+ local & national items
  • Bulk goods
  • Specialty diets
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