Green Bean Delivery: Founded on a Mission for Good

Green Bean is committed to being a different kind of company – one that is a force for good in local communities.

In 2007, my wife and I set out to start a food company that helped community members gain access to healthy and nutritious foods—grown by sustainable farmers and crafted by local artisans. The fundamental beliefs on which we started our company still hold true today. Most importantly, we believed the food we enjoyed with our kids in our home would be the food we would buy and sell—free of pesticides, preservatives, and unnatural ingredients. We wanted to create a pathway for sustainable farmers and food artisans to reach the marketplace. To achieve this goal, we knew our service needed to be online, networked, offered year-round, and home-delivered.

Today, BEAN LLC (Biodynamic, Education, Agriculture, and Nutrition) is a vertically-integrated sustainable food company that still carries its integrity and original mission. We have managed to navigate the challenges of the food industry by staying family-owned, -operated, commercially viable, and independent. Our mission remains the same: To help mend broken components of our nation’s food systems.

We address our communities’ food insecurity issues through technology, networking and partnerships, distribution and logistics, and education. BEAN LLC is the parent company of Green Bean Delivery, our home delivery service and online grocery, and Tiny Footprint Distribution, our wholesale local food distribution company. We are known as the “BEAN TEAM,” and I am very humbled and grateful to lead this team each and every day.

BEAN is owned by an organic farmer and a nutritionist—a family that would love to help your family connect and live a healthier and more enjoyable food lifestyle. (Read more on their origin story by Indy Maven.)

Beth Blessing, Matt Ewer, and their children

We believe that our business’ independence allows us to take chances and find viable market solutions for family farmers and artisans, put people and community over profit, and stay extremely competitive and innovative. Our intention is to grow our company like we like our food grown; nice and slow, naturally and with our friends and family.

Our goal and current service focus is to create an interactive, fun, educational and healthy food experience for our members.

Currently, Green Bean holds partnerships with hundreds of family farms and artisans, and has blossomed into a full-service grocery. We have paid over 10 million dollars directly to family farms since our inception in 2007 and we have donated over 1.3 million pounds of fresh produce to community food banks. We are a healthy part of the communities we service and a positive component of an ever-evolving food system. We are so very excited to have the opportunity to serve your family with healthy, sustainable, and nutritious foods. We thank you for the supporting the BEAN team and making positive food choices for your family and your community.

Cheers and Bon Appétit,

The Ewer Family
(Matt Ewer & Beth Blessing)