Chef Joe Sasto’s Pasta Dough Recipe

My advice when it comes to making a good pasta dough? Use more yolks than whole eggs, knead for a little longer than you would think, and allow the dough to rest for a little longer than you think.

The next step is understanding the properties of each ingredient that you are adding. Egg yolks vs whole eggs vs olive oil vs water. Each has its own relationship and what it brings to the party. Understanding and comprehending that information allows you to troubleshoot almost any problem and create new doughs without a recipe.


  1. Mix together starting with a well and slowly knead with your hands for about 30 minutes until smooth.
  2. Allow to rest 1-2 hours wrapped in plastic.
  3. Roll thin and dust with semolina flour.
  4. Fold over in thirds, like a letter. And cut into 3/16th inch strips.
  5. Quickly cook in boiling water and add to a sauté pan with some pasta water, butter, crushed tomatoes, torn basil and sliced garlic. The simpler style sauce the better, as to truly taste the wheat.

Recipe Credit

After earning his Bachelor’s degree, in 2010 Chef Joe Sasto opened a restaurant as a line cook in Ukiah, earning a swift education in the business, its pitfalls, and a passion of the restaurant world. It wasn’t until Sasto landed in San Francisco under the tutelage of Chef Jason Berthold at RN74 that he really started to find his footing. Sasto went on to work under new Executive Chef Adam Sobel, with whom he launched a winning streak at Cochon 555 competitions, culminating in the top prize at Aspen’s Food & Wine Classic in June of 2013.

Following a break to travel through Europe, Sasto brought his newfound international inspiration to Quince, where he started at rustic Italian sister-restaurant Cotogna, before spending three years at the three-Michelin-starred restaurant. Under Chef Michael Tusk, Sasto was trusted to manage the handmade pasta program at Quince, learning the ropes and roots from one of America’s most celebrated Italian-influenced chefs. Of equal impact, Sasto simultaneously managed the market program at Quince, meeting with local farmers and purveyors at weekly farmers’ markets in San Francisco and Marin County to source pristine ingredients that would inspire that week’s menu in the restaurant.

As Executive Sous Chef at Lazy Bear, Sasto maintained his strong, cultivated relationships with local farmers and is passionate about showcasing their work on the plate. Working with Chef David Barzelay, Sasto brought his pasta prowess and attention-to-detail to Lazy Bear and continued to honor Bay Area product and producers with great reverence. At both Quince and Lazy Bear, Sasto has been an integral member of the team, impacting the rise from one to three, and one to two Michelin stars, respectively. When not in the kitchen, he can be found foraging along the nearby coast, rolling out pasta “fatto-a-mano,” fine tuning his moustache, or sharpening his winning skills on such competition shows as; The Food Network’s Chopped, and most recently as a finalist Bravo’s Top Chef Season 15. After finishing in the top three of “Top Chef,” Joe took the helm as the executive chef of Adam Sobel’s new Beverly Hills restaurant, Cal Mare; focusing on fresh handmade pasta, and influences from coastal Italy.