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Farm to Table

Green BEAN Delivery operates two certified organic 60-acre farms. Learn more about our farms here.

The Feel Good Farm

The Feel Good Farm is a 6o-acre certified organic farm located in central Indiana. The farm grows a wide variety of vegetables and also is home to more than five acres of blueberry bushes. We rotate our fields with a combination of cover crops, grains, and vegetables to insure maximum soil health and fertility. At the top of our priorities is the stewardship of our topsoil, the impact on our environment, and the overall sustainability of our farm and business.

“We not only have the opportunity to build something special locally but we have the chance to build something nationally renowned.”

The Feel Good Farm sells most of its product fresh out of the field to our sister company Green BEAN Delivery.  Green BEAN Delivery then turns the product to our member within days of harvest. We pride ourselves on top quality, locally grown, extremely fresh, certified organic produce! We believe in local AND organic.

The farm includes several tractors, interesting technique and equipment, a wetland preserve, a hearty (and interesting) staff, greenhouse applications, and large dreams bitten by reality each and every season. We wouldn’t want it any other way. That’s why it’s referred to as “slow food” instead of “fast food. We work hard, play hard, and understand that what we are doing is worthwhile, noble, and important to our community. We greatly appreciate the support of Green BEAN Delivery and all of its members!

EcOhio Farm

EcOhio Farm is a 60-acre certified organic vegetable farm located just north of Cincinnati in Mason, Ohio. EcOhio Farm in its essence is a combination of sustainable farming and wildlife habitat. The unique mixture of habitat and farmland is made possible because of the partnership between the Cincinnati Zoo and Green BEAN Delivery.

In 2011, the Cincinnati Zoo (the greenest zoo in America) was looking to lease out a portion of the property they own in Mason to a sustainable farming operation. Green BEAN Delivery was the perfect match for the job. After several conversations and meetings, a plan for the property evolved. Green BEAN Delivery would farm to property and turn 60 acres into a certified organic vegetable farm and also build a post-harvest production facility on the property. We also discussed exploring cultivating hay and vegetables for zoo animals!

While Green BEAN Delivery was busy transitioning the property from conventional farmland to organic land, the Cincinnati Zoo was building a 25 acre wetland preserve! The zoo broke field tile, planted native grasses, built bird houses, and built a levee. What formed was wildlife habitat, a gorgeous 25-acre wetland preserve. Today the wildlife habitat is flourishing with wetland species and waterfowl. The farm now represents the possibility of harmony between sustainable agriculture and wildlife habitat preservation and restoration.

The support community members have given both the Cincinnati Zoo and Green BEAN Delivery have made this incredible project possible. The project continues to evolve around the principles of environmentalism and sustainability proving the Cincinnati Zoo is the GREENEST zoo in American and Green BEAN Delivery is the coolest company on earth!