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Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese
Using only grass-fed cows, Kenny's Farmhouse crafts delectable and enticing cheeses for Green BEAN Delivery's Kentucky based members.
Wish Farms
Green BEAN Delivery is thrilled to introduce Wish Farms, another family-owned and operated farm. Wish Farms excels at growing the freshest berries that Green BEAN Delivery members will have the opportunity to add to their bins while supplies last.
Homegrown Organics
Green BEAN Delivery is proud to partner with another family-owned and operated farm to bring only the highest quality of organic citrus to its members.
Health Benefits of Citrus
From the outer peel to the inner juicy fruit, citrus is packed full of health benefits that can help keep your healthy lifestyle on track.
Hosey Honey
Tucked away in Midway, Kentucky, the Hosey family has perfected making 100% raw honey!
Carriage House Farm
Having been around for over 160 years, Carriage House Farms is an expert at producing the highest quality microgreens.
Homegrown Organics – France Ranch
Green BEAN Delivery is proud to have a direct partnership with Homegrown Organics and the France Ranch to provide certified organic clementines, navel oranges and grapefruit to every member.
Tyner Pond Farm
Trying to make a difference in today's food industry, Tyner Pond Farm uses only environmentally sound practices so that there is no guesswork when decided which meat to eat!
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