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Creamy Avocado, Cashew and Spinach Pesto Pasta
You won't be able to put your fork down with this vegan & gluten-free creamy pesto pasta created by our local foodie friend Elizabeth Canada.
Coconut-Maple Baked Sweet Potatoes
Keep them refrigerated (whole) for quick eats throughout the week.
Sautéed Kale with Lemon Zest
Kale prepared simply is pure perfection!
HOPE Hummus
HOPE Hummus offers several delicious flavors of organic hummus in the Green BEAN store, including their widely popular Spicy Avocado!
Beets with Lemon, Cilantro, and Mint
The herbs compliment the beets perfectly. Try serving with Greek yogurt or Havarti with dill and a slice of artisan bread to make a complete meal.
Kid-Friendly Buckwheat Pancakes
These kid-friendly buckwheat pancakes are tasty, gluten-free, and can be shaped into snowmen that your kids will have oodles of fun decorating!
Vegetarian Stir-Fry
This vegetarian stir-fry gets a serious punch of flavor with the addition of sesame & ginger. This recipe comes from our Chief Nutritionist, Beth Blessing!
Cauliflower Dum
This spicy Cauliflower Dum will take your taste buds on a trip to India! Cauliflower is given a major flavor boost in this recipe. Check it out here!
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