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Abell’s Organics

Louisville, Kentucky


If you are looking for a way to support Kentucky agriculture, we have just the farm for you! Abell’s Organics is one of the newest farms that Green BEAN Delivery has partnered with and it’s located right on the bank of the Ohio River, in Louisville, Kentucky.

Owner Ben Abell ran the University of Kentucky organic farming program for 6 years before moving to Louisville. 4 years ago, he found an old corn farm and has since converted it into a fully functional tomato, squash, sweet potato, green pepper, cucumber and zucchini farm.

Sunflowers growing for Ben Abell's October wedding

Sunflowers growing for Ben Abell’s October wedding

Abell is devoted to farming, and exudes pride in his crops. He started a farm tour by showing off his blooming Apricot Daisy and Moulin Rouge sunflowers he had started growing for his upcoming marriage in October. He then turned his attention to the tomato plants, which seemed to stretched on forever. Each row had just been picked and Abell’s fellow farmers were standing behind him gently packing and prepping the large, flavorful tomatoes for deliveries.

Beautiful tomatoes ready for delivery

Beautiful tomatoes ready for delivery

Ben made one more stop at his butternut squash crop, with a smile on his face be spoke of the farms hard times and bright future. Ben Abell feels good about the quality produce he provides to Green BEAN Delivery members, so you can feel good too. Make sure you try Abell’s Organics’ products anytime they are available in our online store!

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