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Bearded Buch Kombucha

Cleveland, Ohio


Daniell and Aaron Powell, owners of Bearded Buch Kombucha, grew tired of eating the typical American diet and knew there were healthier options out there. Deciding to plant a few tomato and cucumber plants, they were off to the races on making a change in their diet. Both of the Powells knew that there was so much more to nutrition than just eating healthy and when they discovered kombucha, they were both mystified and immediately wanted to learn more about this amazing drink.

Finding that kombucha offers your body many added health benefits, the Powells began to experiment with brewing their own. As family and friends became more curious about this wonderful drink, they kept brewing more so everyone could try. While the Powell’s kombucha recipes have evolved a lot since their first brew, they have stayed true to their uncompromising standard for high-quality and taste. Bearded Buch Kombucha represents an adventure in health and reminds you to have fun while you’re at it!

Bearded Buch Kombucha is available to all Green BEAN Delivery members in four revitalizing flavors. Ginger Snap starts off a little spicy and finishes sweet. Concord Grape tastes of crisp, freshly picked concord grapes just like you ate as a child. Grapefruit is a light, citrusy drink that is ideal for spring and the Spiced Elderberry has a sweet flavor and is great for when you’re needing a little boost to your immune system!

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