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Boeckmann Family Farm

Loose Creek, MO


The second and third generation Boeckmann Family Farm in Loose Creek, Missouri, is owned and operated by Denise and Chris Boeckmann. They operate their livestock farm with the help of their children: Rae, Eric, Kristen, and Paul. Chris grew up on the original farm where the Boeckmann Family Farm now resides.

Boeckmann Family Farm

Boeckmann Family Farm

The Boeckmann Family Farm offers Green BEAN Delivery’s St. Louis members a variety of all-natural, grass-fed, beef. Their beef is tender, flavorful, and lower in fat, calories and cholesterol, than grain-fed beef. Their high-quality product is fed only grass or grass hay, and produced without the use of antibiotics or added hormones. Boeckmann Family farm beef is frozen fresh and vacuum packed.

The Boeckmann Family Farm

The Boeckmann Family Farm!

Grass-fed ground beef, grass-fed, grain-finished ground beef, sirloin steak, chuck roast, strip steak and stew meat will all be available at our online store. Add your favorite cut to your order today. 


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