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Cleveland Kraut

Cleveland, Ohio


The idea for Cleveland Kraut was born when brothers-in-law Drew and Luke discovered they had each been experimenting with making their own homemade versions of sauerkraut. Both with a mutual love for fermented foods, they had been craving a quality, ethnic sauerkraut recipe. After experimenting and tasting each other’s recipes they knew the product they had created was much better than anything being offered in the grocery store.

Cleveland Kraut combines Drew’s German and Slavic family heritage and Luke’s love of ethnic food to create a fresh, slightly crunchy, unpasteurized sauerkraut. After spending a year of fine-tuning their recipe, Drew and Luke decided to launch Cleveland Kraut in Cleveland at the local farmer’s market. To them, Cleveland embodies a spirit of quality and authenticity, making the two proud to add the city to their business name.

Green BEAN Delivery is thrilled to offer Cleveland Kraut to all of our members. The Classic Caraway is a Bavarian-style sauerkraut with green cabbage and it pairs great with hot dogs, pierogis or potatoes. The Curry Kraut has a special blend of spices that gives it a mild kick and goes wonderfully with grilled fish or roasted chicken. These are just two of the several flavors that you can add to you bin, so you’ll want to discover which one is your favorite!

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