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Doll’s Orchard

Batesville, Indiana


When apples are in season, it’s common to start thinking about the vast number of recipes that highlight this iconic fruit. From whipping up a fresh batch of homemade apple butter to dicing apples up for a fresh summer salad, the possibilities are truly endless.

When apple season arrives for us at Green BEAN Delivery, we start thinking of our great friends, Patty and George Doll at Doll’s Orchard. If you aren’t familiar with Doll’s, it’s a picturesque 15-acre orchard (that’s over 1,800 producing apple trees) nestled in the foothills of southeastern Indiana.

The history of Doll’s Orchard runs deep. On February 28, 1924, Adam Weber and his wife, Anna, established the first apple orchard on what is now Doll’s Orchard. A few years later the Sisters of St. Francis bought the property and they used the orchard to be self-sustaining until the Doll family bought the orchard in 1970. After the death of Anthony Doll, George (Anthony’s son) and Patty Doll, decided to make the orchard their passion.

After re-planting much of the orchard several years ago, the Dolls have seen extensive growth. As caretakers of the soil, the Doll’s believe that good land management practices and producing fruit through traditional growing methods are of the utmost importance. To this day, most of the labor is done by Doll family members and each apple is hand-picked.

Green BEAN Delivery has valued this local partnership for several years and are proud to have been their first wholesale outlet. You may enjoy the delicious Ginger Gold apples from Doll’s these upcoming weeks.

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