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Geisert Farms

Washington, MO


Since 1916, there has been little change to the way hogs have been raised on the Geisert Farm, just east of Washington, MO. Pigs are farrowed in “A” frame houses in fields that previously had a crop harvested from it the season before. Today, grain is delivered by modern equipment rather than by horse, but when it comes to tending to the herds, it is still done by hand, many hands. Several generations can be found out in the field helping with sorting and feeding of the pigs, just as it was done over 90 years ago.

Naturally-raised pork.

Naturally-raised pork.

For generations, the Geisert Family has raised hogs in pastures; allowing them to be free to enjoy fresh air, root in the dirt and play in the sunshine. This method of animal husbandry makes a quality of meat that no confinement hog could ever match. Todd Geisert continues this practice raising naturally raised hogs in pastures under the sun. Specializing in cross bred Berkshires, Duroc, Hampshire and Chester White Hogs. Additionally, the hogs are antibiotic free and will never be given growth hormones of any kind, adding to the quality.

Green BEAN Delivery St. Louis members can choose from a variety of Geisert Farms’ certified and USDA inspected pork in the online store. Try their bacon, breakfast sausage links, breakfast sausage patties, brat burgers, bratwurst links, Italian sausage, Boston butt roast and thick center cut pork chops.


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