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A Blog by Green BEAN Delivery Sunday, February 14th, 2016 775,963 lbs of produce donated
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Good Earth Egg Company

Bonne Terre, MO


The Good Earth Egg Company is a third generation farm, owned and operated by the David Family, and located in Bonne Terre, Missouri. The farm offers cage-free, hormone and antibiotic-free, brown eggs to Green BEAN Delivery members in the St. Louis area.

Good Earth Egg Company raises their laying hens from day-old chicks with pride and compassion. The hens are fed an all-natural diet, including grains and alfalfa purchased from local farmers. This diet provides each chicken with superior nutrition for superior egg production. The eggs are gathered daily to offer customers the freshest product available


“We are very excited to be able to offer our farm-fresh eggs via Green Bean Delivery to customers in the St. Louis area. Good Earth Egg Company is the only local, family-owned and operated farm-to-table egg company in St. Louis. We pride ourselves in offering the freshest, best quality eggs from our family to yours,”  said Susan David of Good Earth Egg Company.

Crack one and you’ll see the difference.

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