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A Blog by Green BEAN Delivery Monday, December 18th, 2017 Over One Million lbs of produce donated
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Green BEAN Delivery prides itself on supporting local, regional and family-owned farms. In the spring of 2015 Matt Ewer, owner of Green BEAN Delivery, and other company executives headed to the west coast to visit family-owned and operated growers of produce offerings that you can’t necessarily find in the Midwest.

One of the many family-owned farms the Green BEAN Delivery team visited was Homegrown Organics, a company founded almost 20 years ago and an expert in the organic industry. While Homegrown Organics offers a wide-array of products from berries to stone fruit, this time of year is peak for citrus like grapefruit, clementines and oranges. This direct partnership is pivotal for Green BEAN Delivery and its members because regardless of the season, Homegrown Organics offers an unbeatable year round selection of fresh, delicious organic produce.

“We’re ultimately focused on finding only the best and that ‘best’ means much more than simply flavor and quality,” stated Shane Towne, President of Green BEAN Delivery. “It also means the best growing practices and knowing that our support and our members’ support is going to other great family owned, sustainable operations.”

This trip was a momentous step as the executive team was able to see, touch and taste the produce to ensure that the quality was top-notch for Green BEAN Delivery’s members. Over the next several months be sure to stay tuned as these new direct, partnerships grow and Green BEAN Delivery continues to gain strong, family-owned companies in its artisan network.


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