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Originating in 1998, Homegrown Organics began with the mission to exclusively grow organic produce. Representing around 80 different growers in California and Oregon and each one take pride in providing healthy and great tasting produce. Specifically, John and Cindy France, who are in the peak of citrus season right now and helped to found Homegrown Organics.

Owning France Ranch since 1989, John and Cindy were one of the first growers to organically certify their farm in California. Twenty-five years later, John and Cindy have tried to stay innovative in their farming approach as every year brings different challenges on a citrus farm. John believes in farming below the soil and creating a balanced eco-system to maintain great characteristics for the citrus, such as sugar level, size and smoothness of skin. On a daily basis, John and Cindy drive through the fields to keep a hands-on-approach and learn more about the cultural rhythms of their orchards.

Homegrown Organics has a direct partnership with Green BEAN Delivery, allowing all members to have the freshest possible citrus available. Clementines are a hybrid between a Mediterranean citrus and an orange. With their easy-to-peel skin, sweet taste and often times less acidity than oranges, they are the perfect on-the-go snack.

Originally called the forbidden fruit, Grapefruits are a hybrid between a sweet orange and a pomelo. Typically airing on the sour side, the redder the core of the fruit the sweeter grapefruits taste. Navel oranges get their name due to the growth of the apex that closely resembles a human navel. Usually thick skinned and easy-to-peel, they are less juicy than most oranges so you don’t need to worry about making a mess!


Here is a little recipe inspiration if you’re looking to get creative with your fruit!

Beet and Orange Salad

Broiled Breakfast Grapefruit

Kale Clementine Feta Salad

If you’re interested in learning more about Homegrown Organics and how they grow their citrus crop, watch this video!

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