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Hosey Honey

Midway, Kentucky


Tucked in the farmland of Midway, Kentucky, the Hosey family has been mastering the art of beekeeping and honey making for several years. Richard and Dianne Hosey—along with their four sons, David, Lance, Michael and Sean—operate over 400 beehives throughout Indiana, Kentucky and Florida. While operating this number of beehives can lead to challenges, it helps ensure customers have access to their delectable honey year-round.

While most honey found in stores today is heated above 160 degree temperatures and forced through paper and clay filters, the Hosey family simply strains their honey through a fine screen and bottles it shortly after. Bacteria does not grow in raw honey, making this one of the most naturally safe foods to consume and allows for an extremely long shelf life, if stored properly.

The Hosey family’s Honeytree honey is available to all of Green BEAN Delivery’s in the greater Louisville and Lexington, KY communities. This honey is made during the spring from trees such as the black locust, tulip-poplar and honeysuckle bush. These trees create an overflow of nectar helping to make this honey light and sweet.

Learn more about the health benefits of raw honey from Green BEAN Delivery’s Chief Nutritionist, Beth Blessing.

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