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Inca Tea

Westlake, Ohio


Ten days and 16,000 feet on a Peruvian mountain trail brought Ryan Florio the idea for Inca Tea. His Peruvian guide Edgar had a magical tea recipe that he shared while Ryan and his friends were on their adventure for them to drink every day. Using a simple mixture of boiled water, purple corn and freshly cut apples, this tea energized Ryan throughout his climb. After returning home from his trip, Ryan wanted to share this Incan Tradition and pass along the powerful antioxidants that purple corn and this ancient tea recipe possess.

Inca Tea is available to all Green BEAN Delivery members in 5 exquisite flavors. The Peruvian Spiced Berry is the original blend and is the closest to the true Incan recipe. It’s an herbal blend with fruit tea, purple corn and spices. The Mountain of Mango was created because mangos are one of Ryan’s favorite fruits. It’s a refreshing twist on the original flavor with mango, sweet herbs and citrus. The Pick Me Up Peach is a caffeinated blend with the combination of white tea, peaches and sweet herbs. The Tawantin Black Tea is a robust blend of 3 high-quality black tea leaves and purple corn that is as strong as the Incan Empire itself. Last by not least, Cusco Chamomile is a soothing blend of chamomile and purple corn that is ideal for those times you just want to relax.

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