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Jackson’s Honest Chips

Crested Butte, Colorado


There are few things more American than a crisp, classic potato chip. Knowing that they’d be up against huge brands was not lost on the Reamer family; however, they decided to tackle the challenge when personal experiences lead them in that direction. In 2002 Megan and Scott Reamer’s son Jackson became increasingly ill and amongst many other things, his digestive system began shutting down. After years of appointments, numerous doctors and several opinions, Jackson still went undiagnosed and the Reamers began seeking out natural ways of healing through adding healthy fats in to their diets.

As the Reamer family began to embrace the healthy fat diet, they began incorporating coconut oil in just about everything that they cooked, including their own potato chips. To their surprise, they couldn’t believe the difference in flavor and that the coconut-oil chips tasted like an actual potato. Most importantly of all, Jackson’s digestive system could handle them. The more friends that tasted the chips, the more the Reamers were encouraged to sell them, and from that Jackson’s Honest Chips was born.

Jackson’s Honest Chips is a movement to re-introduce healthy fats into the food chain. The Reamers have made it their goal to make a nutrient dense snack in a simple, convenient way that everyone will enjoy.

Green BEAN Delivery members in ALL markets can add one of the several flavors of Jackson’s Honest Chips to their order. The Purple Heirloom potato chips have four times the amount of antioxidants of white fleshed potatoes that give them an unrivaled depth and richness. The Barbeque potato chips are a perfect blend of tangy and sweet with a spice blend that was specifically created for this recipe. The Sea Salt chip was the original potato chip the Reamers made and they have stayed true to their “low and slow” cooking method to make a chip that is perfectly crunchy every time!

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