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JD Country Milk

Logan County, KY


JD Country Milk is a family owned and operated dairy farm located in Logan County, Kentucky. Named because all eight children have the initials of “J.D.,” the family is dedicated to producing all-natural, non-homogenized, hormone free milk. The cows are pasture grazed, meaning they are free to roam from the barn to the fields and eat as much grass as they please.

JD’s milk is pasteurized at 145 degrees for 30 minutes allowing all of the good bacteria to stay alive and for the milk to keep its original flavor.  With non-homogenized milk, the cream is left in its natural state and often rises to the top. This cream is a healthy fat that is great for giving you energy and other nutrients that your body needs.

JD Country Milk is available to all of Green BEAN Delivery‘s Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky-area members. Members have the option to choose from 2% milk, chocolate milk, skim milk or whole milk. Next time you’re customizing your bin, be sure to add JD County Milk – you’ll recognize the freshness after your first sip!

**JD’s milk is stored in glass containers and upon return of the containers, with the bin, each member receives a $3.00 credit to their account.

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