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Limelight Coffee Roasters

Indianapolis, IN


While attending the University of Oregon, owner of Indianapolis-based Limelight Coffee Roasters Liz Laughlin began to appreciate the local food and beverage scene. Upon finishing school, Liz became a brewer for a local brewery, which kept her in Oregon for a few more years. During this time, Liz witnessed the beginning of the “third-wave” of coffee, which is a movement that emphasizes the importance of every step of coffee production in order to create a high quality, artisanal product. Specifically, Liz was drawn towards the practice of lightly roasting coffee beans instead of overly roasted. The lighter roasting process helps bring out the specific flavors in each coffee bean instead of just having an overall “roasted” flavor.

While in Portland, Liz began to see the passion and craft behind making an individual cup of coffee from her favorite coffee shop. Realizing that there was so much more to coffee than just grabbing a quick cup at your nearest drive-thru, Liz started experimenting with roasting and exploring different flavors of coffee beans. Determined to create the finest artisanal coffee, Limelight Coffee Roasters was born.

Limelight Coffee is available to all of Green BEAN Delivery’s Indianapolis and Fort Wayne-based members. The Brutally Honest coffee is a dark blend of roasted coffee beans from Africa, South America and Indonesia. It has a berry and chocolatey taste that is great for espresso! The Single-Origin Mexico blend is a medium to dark roast. This coffee has more of a toffee and mild berry flavor, which is great for your everyday cup o’ joe!

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