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Oaktown, Indiana


Based out of Oaktown, Indiana, Green BEAN Delivery is elated to add another family-owned farm to its network. Originating in 1976, Melon Acres has built itself on the Horrall family tradition of innovation and exceptional quality. Now three generations later, Melon Acres has over 1,000 acres of cantaloupes, watermelon, sweet corn, cucumbers and asparagus.

While continually innovating and conducting research to ensure the production and delivery of the highest quality produce, the Horralls installed the first computerized asparagus sorter and sizer in the Midwest.  Asparagus is in peak harvesting season during April and May and now is an opportune time to have this crisp vegetable in your bin.

“We are looking forward to heading just down the road to Melon Acres Farm and picking up fresh, spring asparagus for our members’ enjoyment,” said Matt Ewer, owner of Green BEAN Delivery. “Supporting and sourcing from family farms is a cornerstone of our business model. Our members’ direct support has a tremendously positive effect on the family farms in the Green BEAN Delivery network.”

Melon Acres asparagus is available in all markets to Green BEAN Delivery members this week. At $4.95 this is a fresh deal you won’t want to pass up!

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