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MOAB Beef Jerky

St. Louis, Missouri


Do you ever need a quick, healthy snack, but find yourself disappointed when there aren’t any good options available?

Owner of MOAB Beef Jerky, Matt Edwards, had the same thoughts when needing a fast bite to hold him over, and was let down after purchasing beef jerky that was flavorless and stale. This began Matt’s journey of creating simple, healthy and tender beef jerky that would transform the way people viewed jerky.

MOAB Beef Jerky is 100% beef with all-natural seasonings. It is tender, and not over processed, so the flavors are strong and savory. Based out of St. Louis, Missouri, MOAB Beef Jerky offers three wholesome jerky flavors to Green BEAN Delivery’s Missouri and Western Illinois members.

MOAB Original Beef Jerky:

A delicious infusion of brown sugar and honey.

MOAB Peppered Beef Jerky:

A combination of black pepper and spices that gives the meat a bold flavor.

MOAB Teriyaki Beef Jerky:

Mixes all-natural teriyaki sauce and spices to give that beef a sweet flavor.

All three combinations are all-natural, low in sodium, gluten free and minimally processed, so you can feel great about what you’re snacking on!

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