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Omena Organics

Leelanau, Michigan


Omena Organics has spent three generations growing delicious fruit on the beautiful Leelanau peninsula in Northern Michigan. In 2002 owners Bob and Jane Weaver decided to transition to organic farming to give their consumers a healthy, pure food alternative.

After several years of struggling to sell their organic produce, the Weaver family sat down to revamp their business model. It was when they were all gathered around the kitchen table that the idea for the Omena Organics retail line was born.

Omena Organics products are sweeter, full of flavor and have a rich, beautiful color that doesn’t compare to other canned or frozen fruits and vegetables. The Weaver family is proud to be a part of the organic food process and Green BEAN Delivery is proud to have them on board as a regional artisan.

20 different Omena Organics products are offered in the online store. From canned black-eyed peas, black beans, garbanzo beans and green beans to cherry pie filling, dried fruit medley and apple juice, there is a product for every type of eater!

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