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Pope’s Kitchen

Cleveland, Ohio


Pope’s artisan sauces, cocktail mixes and bar products make it easy to be the gourmet chef and out-of-this-world mixologist from the comfort of home.

Founded by Clark Pope, Pope’s has a mission to only put the best that nature has to offer in their products and to use local ingredients whenever possible. Many of Pope’s products are historical recipes with a fresh, modern twist, that’ll liven up your drink or elevate the flavors in your meal. Now the only question is which of them will you be adding to your bin?

Pope’s offers 8 different unique products to all Green BEAN Delivery members.

bbqPope’s Original BBQ Sauce

A bold tomato flavor with a smidgen of garlic. This sauce will compliment almost any grilled, baked or roasted dish.

whiskyriverPope’s Whisky River Hot Sauce

A smooth balance of Kentucky Bourbon mixed with fresh jalapenos, tomatoes, garlic and onion. This sauce packs extra heat and will give a kick to your favorite recipes.

blackbeancornPope’s Black Bean Corn Salsa

A mouth-watering combination of sweet summer corn, plump tomatoes, black beans and jalapeno. This salsa is great to eat on nachos or as a marinade for your grilling creations.


Pope’s Strawberry Balsamic Vinaigrette

Filled with sweet strawberries and tangy balsamic vinegar, this strawberry balsamic vinaigrette will fulfill your sweet and savory needs in one bite. Add to your fresh salad, dollop onto your charcuterie board,  drizzle onto your ice cream, or simply spread on toast, and we guarantee you’ll be satisfied.


Pope’s Bloody Mary Mix

Packed with farm ripe tomatoes, fresh juice and a dash of spice. This mix will take your regular bloody Mary up a notch and is great with your seasonal spirit of choice.


Pope’s Mellow Mary Mix

Uses farm ripe tomatoes and fresh juices, but turns down the heat by adding a drizzle of honey to the mix. It pairs well with bloody Mary’s that have loads of condiments in them!


Pope’s Margarita Mix

Blends all-natural, fresh squeezed citrus with a dash of pure cane sugar to give you just the right amount of pucker. You’ll want this on hand for your next #tacotuesday!


Pope’s Grenadine Drink Mix

A simple mixture of pomegranate juice, cane sugar and orange flower water. This will brighten up any cocktail and add a slightly sweet, refreshing flavor!

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