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Seven Sons Family Farm

Roanoke, Indiana


For over a decade, Lee and Beth Hitzfield, owners of what is now Seven Sons Family Farm, operated a conventional crop and hog operation. Through family health issues and personal experiences, the Hitzfields came to believe that how they manage their soil, plants and animals directly affects the physical and mental health of those who consume their products.


In 2000, after years of much effort, learning and education, the Hitzfield’s vision for a successful farm-to-consumer food business was born. Having all seven sons involved in their family farming business, Lee and Beth Hitzfield felt the name Seven Sons Family Farm embodied exactly what their farm is about.


The Hitzfield’s mission is simple, “to produce nutrient-dense foods that heal and nourish our land and those who eat of its bounty” and at Seven Sons Family Farm they take their consumers health very seriously. All animals on the farm are grass-fed, never fed antibiotics or drugs, GMO-, steroid- and hormone-free.

Green BEAN Delivery has been a proud partner with Seven Sons Family Farm for almost eight years. Three of the most loved Seven Son’s products that are available at Green BEAN Delivery are the New York strip steaks, brats and ground beef.

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