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Tennessee Grass Fed

Clarksville, Tennessee


The Tennessee Grass Fed land has been farmed in the Baggett family since 1837. Originally using conventional farming practices, the soil started eroding and the loss of soil fertility made it difficult to row crop without adding copious amounts of chemical fertilizer.

Realizing a drastic change needed to happen, Phil and Kathy Baggett started to shift to grass-fed farming practices in 2007. In a continual effort to heal and improve their land, the Baggetts take great pride in producing wholesome products from livestock that is raised on a natural diet, without any added hormones.

Tennessee Grass Fed offers several grass-fed meats to Green BEAN Delivery’s Nashville-based members. Try their boneless ribeye, filet mignon, New York strip or ground beef in your bin this week. These meats are tender, full-of-flavor and ideal for any summer cookout!

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