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Tyner Pond Farm

Greenfield, IN


Software entrepreneur Chris Baggott and fellow farmer Mark Farrell purchased farm land in Hancock County, Indiana during 2010 to feed people, not profits. Firmly believing that the food industry today is broken, Chris and Mark wanted to create an evolution in farming. Since Tyner Pond’s birth it has been an integral part of the local food movement and shows a dedication to sustainable farming methods.

Pigs, cattle and chickens all roam freely through rich fields and eat what nature intended them to eat and raised with environmentally sound practices such as rotational grazing. There is no guessing on where your food came from or how your food was raised.

According to Baggott, it’s only in the last few decades that industrial farming has changed this nation. He and his team at Tyner Pond want to make it easier for people to have access to food that is better in so many ways. “We want to get involved and play a part in the local food effort,” says Baggott.

Enjoy distinctive, savory meats from Tyner Pond in the online store like, bratwurst links, ground beef, pork chops, steak and pork hot dogs! These meats are available to our Indiana members.

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