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A Blog by Green BEAN Delivery Monday, December 18th, 2017 Over One Million lbs of produce donated
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Green BEAN Delivery is proud to introduce one of our newest partners, family-owned and operated Wish Farms.  Originating over 90 years ago, Wish Farms has been nationally recognized for their quality and innovation in growing and picking some of the highest quality strawberries in the nation.

As a Florida-based partnership, Green BEAN Delivery continues to regionally expand its farmer network so that members have a wider variety of produce available to them all year round. While the Florida strawberry season started out very slow this year due to heavy rains and cool temperatures, it has made a fast turn-around and the quality now coming out of the fields is unbeatable.

“Our procurement team has been in close communication over the last several weeks with our new partners at Wish Farms to get weekly updates on how the fruit is progressing in the fields,” said John Freeland, Vice President of Green BEAN Delivery. “We’ve been patiently waiting and we are now confident in the quality and flavor of the berries that we are excited to be offering our members in the coming weeks.”

With the introduction of this family-owned and operated farm, Green BEAN Delivery stays dedicated in connecting farm to table for its members. Get to know the growers at Wish Farms.  These strawberries are available to all Green BEAN Delivery members at the special price $3.99 per pound while supplies last.

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