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A Natural Way to a Healthier Lifestyle

At Green BEAN Delivery, we are passionate about working with local farmers and artisans to provide our members with the highest-quality foods so they can enjoy a healthier lifestyle. We’ll responsibly source the products, carefully pack them into a bin, and deliver the order right to the home, but we rarely hear how the food impacts our members.

That’s why we get so excited when we see our members post their delicious food pictures on social media, or in this case, when a member reaches out to us directly to explain how Green BEAN Delivery has drastically improved their life.

Here’s the story of Jeremy from Dayton, in his own words:

“I was over 330 pounds, and had been for about 4 years. I had given up. After trying every “diet” known I had lost 30, 50, or 70 pounds multiple times; each time reversing my amazing progress in a matter of months when my willpower ran out. I decided to eat what I wanted, and as much as I wanted. In the meantime though, I was learning. I started reading and watching everything I could outside of the mainstream diet and health industry.

I learned that the “diets” were tricks and gimmicks. They were designed for me to fail to keep a customer. The answer wasn’t so hard once I discovered it, really. Real, whole foods. No added sugars, no artificial preservatives, no hidden sweeteners, and no fancy packaging. Real foods don’t make you fat. They don’t trick your bodies’ pleasure centers and hunger response into craving more all the time. There was one problem though… It meant I had to cook.

I didn’t know how to fry an egg, but I did have the knowledge of what I had to eat and what I had to eliminate if I wanted to change my life. I had recently discovered symptoms of diabetes and hit a turning point. If I didn’t change, I was going to end up in a bad state for the rest of my life… and I was barely 30 years old. This kind of change is not easy when you have never cooked a day in your life and have lived on a steady diet of 2-3 large fast food meals a day for years. It was quick, convenient, and so horrible for me. I needed somewhere to start. I needed a boost. I was mentally scared enough of my own future and I had learned enough about nutrition that I felt I could do it but the change was still daunting. I had never been in a “health store” before and had was nervous about the prospect.

Then I discovered Green Bean Delivery, which honestly was the boost I needed. Fresh, local, organic, whole foods that I could order from my computer and appear at my doorstep. Of course, when the food showed up I still had to do lots of googling and Youtubing to figure out how to cook it all. But with the hurdle of getting it home taken care of, I felt like I could take care of that part, and that’s what I did. My delivery day was Wednesday and that night I had my last meal of fast food ever (Wendy’s double Baconator combo with chili cheese fries and a large coke, plus a 5 piece spicy nugget with sweet and sour sauce).

Starting Thursday morning, my life was different forever. Thirteen months later, after not counting a single calorie, carb, or gram of anything, I was 135 pounds lighter and a new person. The answer isn’t in gimmick diets or pre-packaged programs. The answer isn’t in counting every little thing and keeping a food scale and calculator by your side 24/7… It is in real food cooked at home with whole, fresh ingredients. For me, at least, Green Bean Delivery provided that at the point I needed it the most.”

Bonus Recipe: “After learning a couple of basic cooking techniques, this was one of the first dishes I came up with on my own and it turned out much tastier than I ever thought it would and it was super simple to make. It’s a warm chicken salad with red wine vinaigrette dressing.” You can follow Jeremy’s recipe here.