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Help Fight Hunger in 3 Steps

By: Kyle Edgell

Finding ways to help fight hunger has long been a core commitment of Green BEAN Delivery. As we get ready for Thanksgiving, we’re reflecting on the fact that not everyone has a feast to look forward to. In fact, about 1 in 7 Americans are food insecure. We’re grateful, that with your support, we’ve been able to donate over 1.1 million pounds of food to anti-hunger organizations to help put fresh food on the table.

SNAP and Hunger:

In the upcoming federal budget, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) stands to experience cuts of $193 billion over the next 10-years.

Credit: Graphic from the Washington Post, May 23, 2017

The Indy Hunger Network has mapped who supplies the food that goes to the food insecure, and their findings show 72% of food assistance in Marion County, Indiana comes in the form of SNAP benefits. Eight-percent comes from food banking and the nonprofit sector. That means almost three-quarters of food assistance is coming from the SNAP program, a gap that will be difficult for the nonprofit sector to absorb.

How many meals does that represent? In Indiana alone, it translates to 50 million meals added to the hunger gap each year, for the next 10-years. Across all Green BEAN Delivery states, this represents about 240 million meals per year!

hunger gap in Green BEAN Delivery markets

Help Fight Hunger in 3 Steps:

Food banks and food pantries will see an increase in demand for their services as SNAP benefits are cut over the next 10-years.

What can you do? Help us raise 10,000 pounds of food to donate in time for Thanksgiving during our “Like, Share, Give” campaign! Follow these steps below:

  1. Get social with us. Like this blog post. Leave a comment. Head on over to our Facebook and Twitter pages to like and share/retweet our “Like, Share, Give” posts. We’ll donate 1 pound of food for every like and 3 pounds for every share or retweet.
  2. Create an original post on social. Use #foodforall or #endhunger and tag us @GreenBEANDelivery (Facebook) and @GreenBEANDel (Twitter) so we can track donations. We’ll donate 3 pounds for every original post.
  3. Sign up or share our service with a friend. For every new sign-up, we’ll donate 10 pounds of fresh food to fight hunger. Just use code ENDHUNGER.

Want to learn more about organizations fighting hunger in your area? Here’s a list of local community heroes we’ve worked with over the years. Consider giving or volunteering, not just around Thanksgiving, but year-round!

Kyle has been working in the Indianapolis food community since 2010. He’s the former Program Director for Garden on the Go, a mobile produce program that worked to make fresh food more accessible in urban neighborhoods. He now works as the Digital Marketing Manager at Green BEAN Delivery and is completing his Masters at the School of Public and Environmental Affairs @ IUPUI.