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Introducing Autumn Glory!

A brand new kind of apple!

It is an exciting week here at Green B.E.A.N. Delivery, as we welcome our first shipment of Autumn Glory Apples! What is an Autumn Glory, you ask? Well, it is a cross between two beloved classics, Fuji and Golden Delicious. The happy nuptials between these distinguished parents have given us a totally new and distinctive fruit. And when we say totally new, we mean brand-spankin’-never-before-been-tasted-in-the-Middle-West NEW! Green B.E.A.N. Delivery could not be more excited to offer what are literally the first apples of this variety to hit the market.

Flavor profile

Autumn Glory is a very unique apple. It boasts balanced notes of sweet and tart, with a pronounced hint of caramel. Seriously, you can really taste the caramel! A versatile apple, Autumn Glory works well for baking, in addition to making an excellent fresh snack. We decided to have a little company taste test and everyone was genuinely impressed.  Some of the choice comments include “Tastes exactly like apple juice,” and “As good as a caramel apple.” Bottom line, as one member of the B.E.A.N. team so eloquently stated, “It’s really good.”

To the humble taste buds of yours truly, Autumn Glory is subtly reminiscent of a crispy sticky bun. You can definitely taste the Golden Delicious initially, but it doesn’t pop at you like the crispy yellow favorite. Instead, the Fuji seems to mellow it just a bit, revealing a warm caramel complexity with a pinch of cinnamon. Furthermore, Autumn Glory’s coloration appropriately matches its flavor profile (and name); it is a bright, inviting combination of yellow and red, with the familiar glow of fall colors!    

About the grower and the rebirth of the apple

Autumn Glory is Organic, of course, and comes to us from Domex Superfresh Growers (formally Kershaw Companies) in Washington’s Yakima Valley. The Kershaw family has been in the Yakima valley for more than 125 years and Domex’s current president, Robert, represents the fifth generation of Kershaws in the business. They grow high quality, Organic fruit including pears, cherries, stone fruits and a wide variety of really tasty apples.

The arrival of Autumn Glory is indicative of a recent explosion in apple diversity available to consumers. The culinary awakening brought on by the rise of Organics and renewed interest in local foods has paved the way for new apple varieties to find success, and previously overlooked gems to make triumphant returns. Here is an interesting Chicago Tribune article from September that sheds some light on this delightful phenomenon.

We hope you enjoy this truly original treasure. But remember, Autumn Glory’s supplies are very limited, so make sure to get a couple while you can. Bon Appetit!