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Recently, at a Garden on the Go market stop, we ran into a long-time customer and her husband. After the couple made their produce purchases, we walked outside with them to their vehicle and noticed they had taken a taxi.  Upon doing the math, they paid nearly $12 to shop for 20 minutes.  Without access to affordable produce nearby, the couple must plan significantly to make healthy choices.

Garden on the Go staff and customers

Garden on the Go staff and customers

Garden on the Go®, a partnership with IU Health, is a grocery store on wheels. The goal of the program is to make significant efforts toward helping make affordable produce more accessible to everyone. The Garden on the Go truck drives to Marion County neighborhoods and offers fresh fruit and vegetables at affordable prices, an imperative service for those who use it.  We’re very happy to be part of this IU Health program.

Garden on the Go's fresh produce

Garden on the Go’s fresh produce

We would like to thank you, our members, for supporting Green BEAN Delivery with your food dollar. It allows us to support initiatives that strive to help fix our food system, to improve access to healthy food, and to positively impact the environment, and economy.  As you support Green BEAN Delivery, you not only have helped to create over 180 local jobs, you also help support hundreds of small producers and artisans across Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Missouri.  In doing this, you’re building part of the local and regional food system infrastructure.

Thank you, Green BEAN Delivery members, for your support.

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