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A Blog by Green BEAN Delivery Monday, February 8th, 2016 775,963 lbs of produce donated
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Avocado Stuffed with Tuna Salad
Enjoy the tantalizing combination of fresh avocado with the ocean-rich flavor of tuna salad, perfectly layered in this stuffed avocado recipe!
Chopped Ranch Cobb Salad
Salad deserves the spotlight at dinner instead of being another side dish. This chopped ranch cobb salad recipe will set the stage for a satisfying meal!
Roasted Baby White Turnips with Parmesan
Let the seasonal flavors in your kitchen shine this winter with this flavor-filled recipe for roasted baby white turnips with parmesan!
Sautéed Green Beans with Mushrooms, and Maple-Soy Sauce
Savor the earthy flavors of crimini mushrooms with tender sauteed green beans that have been tossed in a sweet maple soy sauce!
Kale and Cara Cara Orange Salad with Shallot Vinaigrette
Spruce up your kale salad with the sweet, slightly tangy taste of Cara Cara oranges.
Gingerbread Cookies with Lemon Icing
Celebrate the holiday season with friends and family by baking a tray of delicious gingerbread cookies with lemon icing.
Horseradish Sauce
Looking for a creamy sauce with subtle heat to compliment your prime rib? Look not further!
Chicken Liver Pate
Add to your crudite and charcuterie offerings this holiday season. This umami-rich spread will transform a crusty piece of toast into a top notch appetizer!
Sweet Potato & Celeriac Latkes
A modern spin to a classic Chanukah dish, these sweet potato and celeriac latkes are sure to satisfy everyone at the dinner table.
Looking for a creative way to make eating vegetables fun for kids? Try making zoodles! They're like noodles, but made with zucchini.
Winter Squash Chowder
Enjoy the hearty flavors of winter squash with this recipe for a butternut squash chowder!
Coconut-Maple Baked Sweet Potatoes
Keep them refrigerated (whole) for quick eats throughout the week.
Butternut Squash Soup
Stay warm this Fall with a velvety spoonful of Butternut Squash Soup!
Sautéed Kale with Lemon Zest
Another great way to enjoy your kale!
Beet Salad with Toasted Pumpkin Seeds
The earthy flavor of beets pairs well with the fresh flavor of beet greens and elevated with the crunchy texture of pumpkin seeds!
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