Green Bean strives to build and maintain a healthy ecosystem of local food sourcing and distribution.

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A Better Food System for All

Groceries for Good!™ touches every aspect of Green Bean Delivery. We like to think of it as a healthy ecosystem that works together to build a better way to source and distribute food. When you shop with us, you’re part of a greater good, making a positive difference with each order.

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High Food Standards

Our Clean Eating Promise guarantees every item we sell is free from unnatural ingredients so you can shop with peace of mind.

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Environmentally Conscious

Your order arrives in insulated, reusable green bins using eco-friendly packaging and efficient neighborhood routing to lower our carbon footprint.

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Building Healthy Routines

Our service is a fun, convenient way to access healthy foods and stick to good eating habits with regularly recurring orders.

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Giving Back

For every order you place, we’ll donate one meal’s worth of fresh food to a local hunger relief organization.

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Locally Focused

We prioritize sourcing food from local farmers and artisans, because it’s fresher, more sustainable, and allows you to support businesses near to you.

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Positive Workplace

We embrace diversity and inclusion, where everyone can collaborate in a healthy atmosphere to do good work.

Our Values

A Clean Store Promise

We promise that every item in our store is free of artificial colors, flavorings, sweeteners, and unnatural preservatives. By shopping with Green Bean, you can rest assured your family is eating food that’s free of the blacklisted ingredients allowed in conventional grocery stores.

Being a small business allows us to have tight control over what we choose to carry. First and foremost, our products must be 100% natural. We’ve always sourced food from local and regional farmers and artisans because it’s fresher, has a lower carbon footprint, and supports those in our community. As a result, our members have used millions of their local food dollars as a force for good.

Unlike conventional brick and mortar grocery stores which offer around 5% organic groceries and 10% organic produce, the majority of our produce and groceries are Certified Organic or sustainably grown. We estimate that over 80% of our products fall under these two categories. I guess you could say we’re pretty “unconventional”.

We seek out farms that have high standards for the way they treat their animals. You will never find products from factory farms in our store. Instead, you’ll see terms like “grass-fed,” pasture-raised,” and “sustainably-caught”—a reflection of our priorities.

Family-owned Since 2007

In 2007, my wife and I set out to start a food company that helped community members gain access to healthy and nutritious foods—grown by sustainable farmers and crafted by local artisans. The fundamental beliefs on which we started still hold true today.

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1-to-1 Food Donation

Our Impact

We strive to be socially-conscious and plugged into each community we service. As part of our year-round 1:1 Food Donation initiative, we’ll donate a meal’s worth of fresh, healthy produce to one of our local hunger relief partners for each order you place with Green Bean.

1.3 Million Pounds Donated and Counting

We’re proud to say since 2007, our members have helped us donate over 1.3 million pounds of fresh produce to local hunger relief organizations. Fresh produce is especially important to these organizations for offering nutritious meals to those in need.

Our Food Bank Partners

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Indianapolis, IN

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Food Bank

Indianapolis, IN

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Childhood Food

Cincinnati, OH

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Food Bank

Cincinnati, OH

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Food Bank

Columbus, OH

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Dare to Care
Food Bank

Louisville, KY

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St. Louis Area
Food Bank

St. Louis, MO