A message from Green Bean

Amidst the existing complexity of a global pandemic, important conversations are taking place right now about another issue critical to the health of our communities. The issue of systemic racism has long plagued American communities and needs to be addressed.

The ongoing struggle that our brothers and sisters of color face every day must not be forgotten or diminished. Their voices deserve our attention, and we stand with them during this important time in the pursuit of a just and peaceful world.

Green Bean celebrates the power and importance of diversity – whether it be in our food systems, our community, or our organization. All walks of life are invited to the important work we do each day regardless of race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation.

We must be examining our own hearts and actions to ensure we are being a part of the solution. We must be open to conversation and challenging convention. We must build working systems where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Our leadership is actively turning principles into action – for our teammates, our members, our vendors, and the communities we service. Real change is accomplished through empathy, cooperation, meaningful action, and hard work. Together, we can and must do better.

Love, Peace, and Respect

Green Bean