Grocery Shopping Made Simple


The environment within the grocery marketplace has been shifting very quickly. The industry is consolidating into a few large and powerful companies, causing rapid change for family farms and local producers.

It’s also causing independent businesses like us to take a hard look at our business model. That’s why we’ve decided to separate the cost of providing our service (home delivery) from the price of our food.

Why the change:

Our goal has always been to empower local food producers while bringing a better food system to our homes and communities. To continue our “Community-Supported Grocery” mission, we need to keep innovating and making choices that improve the value we bring to our customers.

Sometimes this means simplifying some areas so we can create new opportunities for others. We’ve periodically added new “bin options” to bring additional flexibility to members, but this has introduced some confusing variations in our offerings that make it difficult to develop our service.

So, we are starting fresh on a consistent foundation to make future improvements possible. We have many new, exciting projects in the works, and they’re all focused on bringing you a better, simpler, and more powerful service.

Where we’re headed:

At heart, we’re a farm-to-table, e-commerce service. This means we have deep roots (and opinions) in what constitutes a “thriving food system.” We’re all about local, organic, clean food!

We’re also a tech company, in the sense that we provide more than a service. Green BEAN is also a “product” that needs to solve pain points for our customers. Our goal is to provide a solution at the intersection of food and tech that provides a more personalized service, a stronger connection to local vendors, and an enhanced grocery shopping experience.

Separating the cost of home delivery from the cost of our food will lay the foundation that allows us to continue to push forward in these areas. Here are a few things we’ve got in the pipeline:

Providing a more personalized service.

  • Greater ability to shop by values or diet-related needs
  • Start an order with seasonal produce, your grocery list, or from scratch
  • Order as little or as much produce as you want – no produce minimums on any orders

Strengthening the connection to local.

  • Increased selection of local and regional vendor products (coming 9/28)
  • Intelligent product and artisan recommendations
  • Adding local vendor profiles in-store

Enhancing the grocery shopping experience.

  • Full nutritional information on all grocery products
  • Improved meal and recipe integration
  • Multiple delivery days in select areas


We’re very proud of the accomplishments we have made during our first decade of business. We were the first farm-to-table, e-commerce company in the Midwest and have put millions of dollars back in the hands of local farmers and artisans throughout the region. The direct support of our customers has made this possible.

Thank you for your continued support! We promise to keep bringing value to you and your family.

What do you think about our future direction? We welcome your feedback – just leave a comment below!