In the Kitchen with Zach Steinberger

My all time favorite thing to do when I am not playing soccer is brunching! Whether it is out with friends or whipping up some breakfast for myself, there is nothing better than starting the day off with a healthy meal. I follow A Couple Cooks on Instagram and love their recipes. I stumbled across their chive and goat cheese scrambled egg recipe and it looked like something a novice like myself could tackle.

I scrambled together all of the ingredients from Green Bean Delivery and let’s just say normal scrambled eggs are just about ruined for me! Obviously the great thing about scrambled eggs is that they cook in minutes. Some of the fancy scrambled egg recipes can seem daunting and add a lot of time and effort. However, the combination of goat cheese and chives adds almost no time to the cooking process. And the result is a game changer! The fluffy texture and the chive garnish is so delicious it has almost become a superstition for me on game days. I like to pair my eggs with a bowl of fresh berries, some cinnamon toast and of course, coffee!