Interview with Chef Justin Miller of Anthony’s Chophouse

Meet Chef Justin Miller, Executive Chef of Anthony’s Chophouse and 3UP Rooftop Bar in Carmel, Indiana. Chef Miller is quickly establishing himself as one of the Indianapolis areas up-and-coming chefs to keep an eye on. Beyond his impressive menu offerings at Anthony’s Chophouse, Chef Miller finished in seventh place in the World Recipe Championship with a sensational braised pork belly taco dish.

Q: How many years have you been cooking as a professional chef?

A: 10 years. I graduated culinary school in 2010.

Q: How did you originally get interested in cooking as a profession?

A: I can’t recall the exact “this is it” moment for me but I started working in restaurants at 16 years old, making sandwiches at Boston’s Pizza. At the time, it was just a job I shared with some friends but that quickly transformed into a passion for culinary arts. My dad told me to become a culinary nerd…I think I’m on my way to accomplishing that.

Q: What are 5 ingredients that can always be found in your kitchen at home?

A: Kosher Salt, Whole Black Peppercorns, Fresh Parsley, Lemons, Unsalted Butter

Q: What advice do you have for the average home cook?

A: Use more kosher salt & fresh cracked black pepper. Just season your food more, don’t be afraid! When you think you’ve over seasoned…grab another pinch of salt.

Q: Who do you look up to for culinary inspiration and why?

A: Not to sound cliché but inspiration comes from everywhere and all things. There is so much content out there that it can be overwhelming. It’s important to stay true to what your culinary vision is and dedicate everything you have to being the best.

Q: When you have the day off, what do you enjoy making for breakfast?

A: Breakfast is my favorite meal to cook. My four year old loves to season his own scrambled eggs after he helps me “flip” them in the pan. How can you beat that feeling?!

Q: What is a food trend or ingredient that you predict will grow in popularity over the next few years?

A: Fine-Dining. It will reclaim its proper place atop the culinary experience food chain. Proper, not pompous service-ultimately reigns supreme. The “please thank us, for serving you” movement…will come to an end.    

Q: What is one of your favorite cookbooks that you have in your collection that you find useful, inspiring, or insightful?

A: As a professional chef, The Flavor Bible, is more than a cookbook…it’s a tool. The average at-home cook lacks the confidence needed, to create a meal with ingredients that are available to them. The Flavor Bible lists ingredient profiles and suggests go-to combinations, that any cook can follow-regardless of skill level.

Q: What’s one ingredient that people should be using more of in their kitchens and why?

A: Acid! You’d be shocked what a squeeze of lemon or an orange supreme can do for a marinade or finished plate.

Q: What are 3 restaurants around Indianapolis that you enjoy going to?