New Store Feature – Loyalty Discounts

Dear Green Bean Community,

I am very excited to introduce Loyalty Discounts!

Loyalty Discounts is a member rewards program that allows our customers to save money on their most consistently-purchased products. There are currently over 150 items that qualify for a loyalty discount and the list is growing weekly.

Items with a discount will have their price reduction listed. Take advantage of these great prices by subscribing with the Subscribe button on a product’s info page (click the product picture).

Our goal with this program is to support our vendor community while rewarding our best customers.

Subscribe to your favorite, frequent groceries to save time and money. Eligible loyalty discounts will be automatically applied to your order. Easily remove unwanted items from your current order, or unsubscribe from them completely if needed. If your current subscribed items qualify for a Loyalty Discount, you will begin receiving the discount the next time it is added to an order.

Loyalty Discounts are also beneficial for our network of farmers and artisans because they give them a consistent and reliable sales projection. Our vendors want you to include their products in your daily life. Often times, everyday usage of family farmer and artisanal goods is prohibited by cost. While we can’t erase all of the cost associated with responsible agriculture and production, we can help by rewarding our customers with better prices on their favorite sustainably grown goods that they regularly enjoy.

Thank you for all the support you have given Green Bean and our network of farmers and artisans. The Green Bean team has been working hard to make this program come alive, and we hope you enjoy it. Loyalty Discounts are now available in the store, so try subscribing to some items and see how much you save!

We sincerely appreciate your business.

Matt Ewer
CEO at Green Bean Delivery