Mix and Match your way to a healthy, easy lunch!

Lunches-to-go don’t have to be a drag to make… and they don’t have to be boring! We’ve got hundreds of healthy mix-and-match lunch items that are guaranteed to liven up the day. Try some of these combinations below to get started.


Meal 1:

A. (Tuna Salad) Natural Sea Albacore Tuna; Woodstock Farms Mayonnaise-Organic; Woodstock Farms Sweet Relish-Organic

B. FGF Pistachios-Organic

C. Strawberries-Organic

D. FGF Mixed Medley Tomatoes-Organic

E. Blue Diamond Almond Nut-Thins, Sea Salt 

F. Honest Kids, Goodness Grapeness-Organic


Meal 2:

A. Purity Organic Orange Juice-Organic

B. (Hardboiled Egg) Organic Valley Eggs, Large Dozen-Organic

C. Celery-Organic

D. BeeFree Warrior Mix, Original

E. Stonyfield YoKids Cups, Strawberry Banana-Organic

F. Blueberries-Organic

Meal 2 variation:

Swap the BeeFree Warrior Mix with some Organic Thompson Raisins and some Once Again Almond Butter (American Classic).


Meal 3:

A. TradersPoint Yogurt, Mini Raspberry-Organic

B. (Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich) Once Again Peanut Butter, American Creamy-Organic; Dave’s Killer Bread, Whole Grains-Organic; and Banana

C. Brianna’s Dressings, Classic Ranch

D. Apple-Organic

E. Baby Rainbow Carrots-Organic


Meal 4:

A. Stonyfield YoKids Smoothie, Very Berry-Organic

B. (Pepperoni and Turkey Rollups) Applegate Pepperoni; Organic Prairie Deli Slices, Roasted Turkey-Organic

C. Organic Valley Snack Stick, Cheddar-Organic

D. Kiwi-Organic

E. FGF Mini Green Sweet Peppers-Organic

F. Olomomo Almonds, Cherry Vanilla Dream


Meal 5:

A: (Ham and Cheese Wrap) Organic Prairie Deli Slices, Ham-Organic; Organic Valley Slices, Provolone-Organic; Romaine Hearts Lettuce-Organic

B. Red Flame Seedless Grapes- Organic

C. Woodstock Farms Yellow Mustard-Organic

D. Hope Hummus, Kale Pesto-Organic

E. Organic Valley Cucumber-Organic

F. Organic Valley Milk, Kids 4pk 1%-Organic