Team Taste Test: Kombucha Edition

There are so many varieties of kombucha out there – how does a person even know where to start? Every brand and flavor of the fizzy, fermented beverage has unique characteristics, and some appeal more to certain palates than others. Whether you like it potent and punchy, or clean and crisp, we’re happy to say there’s a ‘booch out there for you.

Still, a little guidance can help newcomers find a good place to start. Fortunately, we happen to have a bunch of foodies (bevvies?) at Green Bean that love to try new things! We took 3 varieties from 3 different brands of kombucha and asked our team to sample them and jot down their impressions in a short couple words.

The Contenders

GT’s Living Foods
Trilogy, Gingerade, Mystic Mango

Skinny Piggy
Mojito Mambo, Ginger Snappy, Sun-Kissed Lavender

Presto Kombucha
Original, Blueberry Oolong, Rose

We chose samples with a variety of styles. GT’s has been around for a long time and offers rich, pronounced flavors. Presto’s options are light, crisp, and easy to drink. Skinny Piggy comes somewhere in between, offering well-balanced flavors and mouthfeel.

The Feedback

Here’s our teams “unfiltered” feedback about each one:

GT’s: Trilogy
“Spritzy, fresh & fruity”, “Berry-licious”, “Potent, but well balanced”

GT’s: Gingerade
“Spicy and healthy”, “Refreshing”, “Tart on finish, somewhat sour”, “Ginger juice”

GT’s: Mystic Mango
“Juicy (x3)”, “Amazing mango flavor”, “Homemade juice”, “Essence of mimosa”

Skinny Piggy: Mojito Mambo
“Lemony-limey”, “A healthy Sprite/7-up”, “Fresh green tea with mint”, “Refreshing”, “Effervescent”

Skinny Piggy: Ginger Snappy
“Smooth gingerbread soda w/ a zing”, “Spicy smooth”, “Herbal”, “Fresh”

Skinny Piggy: Sun Kissed Lavender
“Floral kick”, “Spring-like”, “Summer afternoon sun”, “Floral”, “Bright flower”, “Flowery”

“Clean (x2)”, “Very light in flavor, in a good way”, “Refreshing, good for post workout”, “Flat/lacking depth”, “Not sure what to think!”

Presto: Blueberry Oolong
“Bright”, “Fruity”, “Blueberry and tea”, “Interesting mix of flavors”

Presto: Rose
“Rose”, “Botanical (x2)”, “Bubbly”, “Dry”, “Red wine”, “Refreshing”

There you have it! If you’ve been under the impression that all kombucha is a gross, vinegary drink with stuff floating in it, it’s time to give it another try – you will be pleasantly surprised and your body will thank you!