13 Tips to Eating Healthy in 2022

Setting a New Year’s resolution for eating healthy is the easy part, sticking to your goals is the challenge. To help make 2022 your year for healthy, homemade meals, we asked several of our food experts for the tips they use to keep their kitchens and dinner tables full of fresh foods!

Tips from our Food Experts:

“The healthiest thing you can do is eat a diet abundant in fresh, seasonal produce. All our meals are planned around veggies. It starts with our Green Bean order. I see what produce is available, and then think about what recipes I want to make that week that utilizes those veggies.”

Organic Beth

“The New Year is a time where the word “detox” will likely be filling up your inbox. While January is as great a time as ever to load up on fresh fruits and veggies, remember to respect your body and eat what makes YOU feel best. If that’s not kale salads and green juice, it’s quite all right. Know that over-stressing about healthy eating can be even more unhealthy than that donut you may be craving!”

-Alexis Joseph (Hummusaspien.com, The Alchemy Juice Bar + Cafe)

“Purge Your Pantry! Grab a couple of boxes and begin separating your foods into three categories. What you’ll keep, what you’ll donate, and what you’ll compost/toss. Doing this on a regular basis keeps your pantry organized and makes meal planning much easier!”

-James N. (Green Bean Delivery’s Director of Partnerships & Engagement)

“Do not skip meals. This practice tends to amp up the appetite and, therefore, you may eat more food in the long run.”

-Liz Berg (ThatSkinnyChickCanBake.com)

“Keep lots of healthy pre-portioned snack options on hand for when hunger strikes. Pre-bag apple slices with lime juice, grapes, carrots and celery. These pre-portioned snack options will help you curb your hunger with a nutritious snack. They are also perfect for on-the-go snacking!”

-Cindy Gordon (VegetarianMamma.com)

“One of the best ways to stick to your healthy eating goals is to have healthy snacks on hand for when you get hungry. Grab a handful of mixed nuts, spoon of coconut butter or some vegetable sticks. It will help curbs your cravings and keeps you aligned with your healthy eating goals.”

-Jessi Heggan (jessiskitchen.com)

“We like to substitute vegetables in recipes for grains and pastas. You can bump up your intake of veggies by making cauliflower rice, cauliflower crust pizza, spaghetti squash and zucchini as noodles instead of using grains and pasta.”

Organic Beth

“Drink LOTS of water. Your hair and complexion will thank you plus it will help relieve your hunger pangs. I drink a ton of hot tea (ALL year round) and consider it part of my “water” intake.”

-Liz Berg (ThatSkinnyChickCanBake.com)

“Make food prep a habit! Spending even an hour in the kitchen on Sunday to prep some food can make a huge difference in how likely you are to make healthy food choices during the week ahead!”

-Lindsay Livingston (theleangreenbean.com)

“Nuts and seeds are a great source of fat, protein, and important vitamins and minerals. I buy raw, organic nuts and seeds in bulk and dry roast them in the oven. Place on a baking sheet and roast on 300 degrees, 15 minutes for seeds and 20-30 minutes for nuts. Store in glass containers with lids, and you have an easy, healthy grab and go snack!”

Organic Beth

“My favorite way to boost the nutrients in my diet is to substitute Greek yogurt in place of sour cream and other dairy products.  Greek yogurt is packed with protein, is calcium rich, provides probiotics for our bellies and vitamins for our bodies.  Plus it is naturally low in sodium.  I will use Greek yogurt in dips, add it to my homemade Alfredo sauces to keep it lean and even mix it into my cakes and cookies.”

-Tanya Schroeder (LemonsForLulu.com)

“Want to focus on healthy eating this winter? Try a handful of new soup recipes! Soups are a simple and delicious way to load nutrients into your diet.”

-Sonja Overhiser, Author and Podcast Host at A Couple Cooks

“Don’t shop hungry! Tackling your weekly food shop, whether online or in store, should be done after a protein rich meal so you make informed, healthy food choices. Shopping on an empty stomach can cause you to add carb and sugar heavy items to your carts, especially snacks, as you’re driven by your hunger. Running low on time? A handful of nuts is the perfect shopping fuel!”

-Phoebe Male (@yeahthisisphoebe)

Here’s to eating healthy in 2022!