Air Fryer Chickpeas

Growing up, I never looked at a chickpea as an appetizing snack, but more so as a boring bean used for hummus. As I look back at my childhood, my dislike for chickpeas more than likely was due to texture than it was their flavor.

Now, I look at chickpeas in a whole new light, especially when they are air-fried or baked. When cooked in an air fryer, the chickpea transforms from a tender bean to a crunchy, delightful snack. This air fryer chickpeas recipe has quickly become a go-to snack in my house thanks to the minimal ingredients needed and ease of making them.

One of my favorite parts about this recipe is that the seasonings you use can be swapped out with other herb and spice combinations. In the wintertime, I like using rosemary, cinnamon, or nutmeg, depending on what I’m in the mood for. Also, try adjusting the cook time in this recipe if you’re wanting chickpeas with more of a tender or crunchier inside. A shorter cook time will produce a more tender inside. However, a longer cook time will remove more of the moisture from the chickpeas, which allows them to keep in pantry for longer.

Whether I’m craving a salty snack while watching sports on TV or I’m looking for a crunchy component to add to a fresh, summer salad, these crunchy chickpeas always hit the spot!


Preheat air fryer to 375 F.

Drain and rinse chickpeas, then pat dry.

Toss chickpeas in bowl with olive oil.


Add garlic powder, onion powder, smoked paprika, and cayenne to bowl and mix.


Separate into two batches and air fry for 15 minutes. (Shake basket halfway through cooking each batch.)


Remove first batch from basket, let cool for 5 minutes, and start next batch in air fryer.

Serve immediately.

(Store in an air tight container for 1 week)

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Recipe Credit

James Nimmer is the Marketing Manager of Green Bean Delivery and has been with the company since early 2010. When he’s not spreading the word about local farmers, artisans and food events, you can find James cooking up new recipes in his kitchen, getting his hands dirty in his garden, or exploring restaurants throughout the Midwest. Follow his culinary adventures on Instagram: @JamesNimmer