Bacon Wrapped Chorizo-Stuffed Dates with Manhattan Fog Sauce

Whether you’re craving a crowd-pleasing snack for the big game or an alluring appetizer for Valentine’s Day, these bacon wrapped chorizo-stuffed dates are a great way to start things off!  Paired with a Manhattan Fog Sauce  (Sun King Brewery‘s Manhattan Fog beer (a Belgian Quadrupel), pureed whole tomatoes and Rust Belt Pepper Relish) for dipping the dates, you’re in for a treat that everyone will love!

The crisp bacon cuddles the sweet date that’s been stuffed with spicy Smoking Goose Mexican-style chorizo! Consider this a one to two bite explosion of salty, sweet, and spicy flavor. When dipped into the tomato and pepper based Manhattan Fog sauce, the melding of mouthwatering flavors makes this dish simply irresistible.

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  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Using a pairing knife, make a small slit in each of the dates, then push out the pit.
  3. Fill each date with chorizo (but not so much that the meat is overflowing).
  4. Slice the bacon strips crosswise to create to pieces out of each strip.
  5. Wrap each date with one of the half-slice segments of bacon and secure with a toothpick.
  6. Place in a rimmed baking sheet and bake for about 30 minutes.
  7. Once chorizo has cooked through (you can slice a date in half to test), increase oven temperature to broil and transfer the tray to the under the broiler to crisp up the bacon (make sure to keep an eye on it to ensure the bacon doesn’t burn).
  8. While the dates are baking, make the sauce. Add the peppers, tomatoes, and beer together in a medium saucepan and cook slowly over medium-low heat for the entire time the dates are in the oven. Season with salt to taste, then puree the sauce until almost smooth. (You’ll still want some texture in the sauce, like a thin salsa. This can be done with an immersion blender or a counter-top blender.)
  9. Once the bacon is crispy, divide the sauce among six plates and top with four dates on each plate.

Recipe Credit

Culinary Director Steven Unrue has been a chef in Indiana for the past 13 years. He’s skilled craftsmanship in the culinary arts has allowed him to work at many great Indianapolis restaurants and private dining facilities. Learning and mastering food and beverage pairing has been a huge focus of Steven’s and is what led him to Sun King Brewery & Spirits.

As Culinary Director, Steven is currently building a database of paired recipes for all of Sun King Brewery’s variety of unique beers and handcrafted spirits. He is passionate about teaching other local chefs on how best to pair Sun King beer with their dishes. He aspires to educate not only the Sun King staff but all of Sun King’s fans with the knowledge of food and beer and why each style of beer pairs so well with various dishes.