Barrel-Aged Craft Beer Chocolate Donuts

Learn how to make your own homemade chocolate donuts from the comfort of your home by watching this recipe video from Sun King Brewery’s Chef Steven! Combined with barrel-aged craft beer and chocolate ganache, you’ll be in for a tasty, mouthwatering treat.


  1. In a medium mixing bowl sift together flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, sugar, cream of tartar, and sea salt.
  2. Using a grater, grate the butter into the flour mixture and fluff until all of the individual butter pieces are uniform and coated evenly.
  3. Add the milk and beer, stir with a fork until the mixture comes together. On a lightly floured surface pull out the dough and knead until it just comes together.
  4. Dust counter top or surface you will roll out the dough on with cocoa powder. Then roll out dough until it is 1/2 inch thick. Fold on itself 2 times to make the thickness 1 inch. Roll out and repeat 2 more times to make 8 or so layers. Roll one last time to 1/2 thickness and cut out dough using a 2 1/2 inch biscuit cutter and a 3/4 inch for the holes. With remaining dough, reform and roll out to 1/2 inch and repeat until all the dough is used and made into bonuts. Set aside.
  5. In a 350 degree fryer, fry bonuts in small batches approximately 2 min per side for the bonuts, 1-2 min per side on the holes. Set on a wire rack with paper towels underneath until all bonuts are finished. Glaze with warm ganache, and top with sea salt.

For the Ganache:

  1. Heat beer on stove over low heat until lightly simmering.
  2. Add in chocolate and let sit without stirring for 10 minutes.
  3. Add milk and stir the chocolate to incorporate. If necessary, turn the stove on very low to heat the mixture. Keep warm (not hot) until ready to glaze the Bonuts.

Recipe Credit

Culinary Director Steven Unrue has been a chef in Indiana for the past 13 years. He’s skilled craftsmanship in the culinary arts has allowed him to work at many great Indianapolis restaurants and private dining facilities. Learning and mastering food and beverage pairing has been a huge focus of Steven’s and is what led him to Sun King Brewery & Spirits.

As Culinary Director, Steven is currently building a database of paired recipes for all of Sun King Brewery’s variety of unique beers and handcrafted spirits. He is passionate about teaching other local chefs on how best to pair Sun King beer with their dishes. He aspires to educate not only the Sun King staff but all of Sun King’s fans with the knowledge of food and beer and why each style of beer pairs so well with various dishes.