Hearty Raw Sauerkraut Bowl

Looking for a deliciously clean way to enjoy Cleveland Kraut? Try this hearty kraut bowl full of fermented goodness and healthy vegetables. Perfect for a clean and healthy lunch or dinner, this gut-friendly bowl will have you asking for more. Luckily, this delicious meal is a quick, easy solution for the healthy hustler on-the-go.


Separately cook: brown rice, steamed broccoli, ground chicken, and roasted carrots. Combine in a bowl with spinach and *Gnar Gnar Kraut.

Or change it up with one of Cleveland Kraut’s other amazing flavors:

  • Classic Caraway
  • Beet Red
  • Curry Kraut
  • Roasted Garlic
  • Whiskey Dill
  • Cabbage & Cukes

Recipe Credit

Cleveland Kraut
Cleveland Kraut produces raw fermented sauerkraut rich in probiotics, flavor and crunch in Cleveland, Ohio.

Learn more about Cleveland Kraut at clevelandkraut.com.