Rachel’s Air Fryer Chicken Calzones

I’m currently watching Parks & Recreation for the second time this year (don’t judge me), and I always crush hard on Ben Wyatt when I watch it. If you’re familiar with the series at all, you know Ben’s love for calzones. While pizza is generally my favorite food, I decided to channel my inner Ben Wyatt for this meal and try my hand at calzones. My 3 kids are a little picky in the kitchen, but I knew they’d really like these.

The cool part about these is that you can add as much or as little as any of these ingredients, and really personalize each one if you wanted.

These ingredients gave us enough to make 2 adult size calzones, and 3 smaller ones for my kids. I made these in the air fryer, so they were pretty quick, too.


  1. Cook ground chicken in a skillet. I added a little Italian seasoning.
  2. Once the ground chicken is cooked, you’re ready to start working with the dough and building the calzones. I did 1 at a time. I was out of flour to work the dough on, so I just sprayed a baking sheet with cooking spray, and had no issues sticking.
  3. I grabbed a hunk of dough to work with for each calzone. This part can be a little tricky, and the most time consuming. I just kept stretching and pulling and thinning it out until it was roughly the thickness of what you’d build a pizza on. For the larger calzones, I’d say I made a circular shape around 8-9” across.
  4. After the dough is flattened, I layered the ingredients one by one. Smear the avocado spread first, then sprinkled in some ground chicken, and top with shredded cheese, salsa, ranch, and/or hot sauce.
  5. After you have what looks kinda pizza-ish, next comes flipping it in half to close it. I just carefully grabbed one side of the calzone, and folded it in half over to the other side. For the most part all the ingredients stayed in place, so I felt like a real winner.
  6. Use a fork to crimp the edges so all your ingredients don’t leak out while it cooks in the oven.
  7. In a separate dish, melt the butter, and mix in some Italian seasoning and garlic.
  8. Brush the seasoned butter over the outside of the dough.
  9. I cooked one at a time in my air fryer at 350° for about 11 minutes. This gave it a nice golden crispy crust and a melty inside.

Recipe Credit

I’m a single mom of 3 who runs a small business. I’m always looking for simple, quick recipes that my kids won’t complain about 😄. Follow my fashion and foodie adventures at @SimplyIndyRachel