Smoked Salmon & Duck Egg Toast

Sundays are made for lazy breakfasts and brunches, and what better way to start your Sunday than with a twist on the classic smoked salmon and eggs! This super simple breakfast is packed full of flavor and nutrients- from the iron rich spinach to the fresh Atlantic smoked salmon just bursting with protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin D, it is easy to see why salmon has been labelled as a “superfood”!

This 4-step recipe is the perfect way to start your Sunday, or Monday…or Tuesday…. It makes use of fantastic ingredients. Not a fan of spinach? Mashed half an avocado in a small bowl, throw in some diced cilantro and a squeeze of lime. Serve with several layers of smoked salmon and a generous spoonful of sour cream. Delicious!


For the spinach: melt 1 tbsp butter on a medium heat and wilt down the spinach before stirring in salt and pepper to taste and the dried chili flakes- set aside.

For the scrambled eggs: whisk together 2 eggs per person and set aside. Melt the rest of the butter on a low heat until gently bubbling, pour in the whisked eggs and gently stir with a curved edge spatula. When the eggs start to thicken, salt and pepper to taste before serving.

For the fried egg: coat the inside of a circular cookie cutter with butter and place in the center of your skillet or pan before cracking in your egg. When the edges start to spit and brown, remove the cookie cutter, flip the egg and fry for a further 30 seconds, or one minute if you don’t like your yolk over easy.

Serve with lashings of smoked salmon, a generous spoonful of wilted spinach and a strong cup of coffee.

Recipe Credit

Phoebe Male is a food and travel blogger based in Southwest Ohio. She moved to the US from England in 2015 and is on a mission to get the best out of the Midwest. Her love of food and travel is made clear through innovative and inviting still life photography, paired with a delightfully captivating style of writing. For more recipes and reviews, follow her on Instagram at @milkwithnosugar.